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My car is in my name alone, how do I transfer it without going through the court probate process?

If you are survived by a spouse or a family member, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a form “Assignment of a Vehicle to a Surviving Spouse/Not Subject to Probate” which can be used to transfer title to a vehicle.

The Minnesota Legislature enacted a new law creating a Transfer on Death (TOD) transfer of title. The Department of Motor Vehicles has created a form allowing motor vehicle titles to transfer to the surviving spouse or family members if there is no probate court procedure required. Beginning in August of 2017 there is a new law that allows an owner to list a beneficiary to title of a motor vehicle. Similar to the real estate Transfer on Death Deed, a motor vehicle TOD allows an individual to retain all ownership rights to the vehicle during life. Whatever interest is still in the owner’s possession at death passes to the named beneficiaries. If the vehicle is sold before death, the TODD has no impact. This is a great tool if you want to leave a specific vehicle to one child or heir or if you anticipate that your estate will go through the probate court process. (there are some situations that the court process is preferred)

You should go to the DMV or look at their website for the most current form for vehicle transfer.