Minnesota Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic assault one of the more aggressively pursued criminal charges in Minnesota. Because these types of cases have resulted in death and injury, police and prosecutors, spend significant time in prosecuting these cases. These cases are among the toughest cases to defend.

Aggressive prosecution does not mean that all domestic assault charges are legitimate. False allegations are more prevalent in the domestic assault area than in some other criminal areas. People will claim domestic assault as retaliation in divorces, and custody disputes or try to use the allegation as a shield to their own acts of assault. Regardless of how or why the charges of domestic assault, came about, you need an effective and aggressive criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and represent you so you can obtain the justice you deserve.


Beyond the usual implications of a criminal charge, domestic assault brings with it the possibility of:

  • Enhanced criminal charges to future allegations
  • Domestic abuse no contact orders/ Harassment Restraining orders
  • Restrictions on the ability to contact children
  • The loss of the right to carry firearms
  • Loss of employment and
  • Possible deportation in cases of a non-U.S. citizen

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