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A Health Care Directive – Living Will is a document that gives your loved ones and medical providers guidance to make medical and health care decisions for you, according to your wishes, when you are unable to do so.

A Living Will deals with decisions on whether to administer, withhold, or withdraw medical treatment, services, or procedures to maintain, diagnose, or treat an individual’s physical condition when the individual is in a terminal condition. Decisions must be based on reasonable medical practice including (1) continuation of appropriate care to maintain comfort, hygiene, human dignity, and to alleviate pain; (2) oral administration of food and water to a patient who accepts it, except for clearly documented medical reasons

Legal Requirements for a Living Will

To be valid, a Living Will must meet the following requirements:

  • The Living Will must conform to the statutory requirements.
  • The Living Will must state a preference regarding artificial administration of nutrition and hydration or give the decision to a proxy;
  • The declarant must be a competent adult;
  • The Living Will must be signed by the declarant and by two witnesses or a notary public;

The Living Will becomes effective when delivered to a physician or health care provider.

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