Neglect to an adult…

Whenever a loved one shows signs of inadequate food, shelter, or health care a close examination should be made to see if these signs add up to neglect by a caregiver or other responsible person. If neglect is occurring, steps need to be taken to protect the vulnerable adults mental and physical well-being.

Neglect can also be imposed by the vulnerable adult themselves. Self-neglect occurs when an individual is too embarrassed or fails to recognize their deteriorating health or physical needs and refuses, or fears that assistance will result in loss of independence. There are many signs that neglect may be occurring including;

  • Bruises, rashes, welts
  • Black eyes
  • Lack of proper hygiene – continually soiled clothing, or unwashed hair, odors
  • Dehydration, evidence by low urinary output, dry, fragile skin, dry sore mouth, apathy, lack of energy, and mental confusion
  • Lack of proper clothing for the season
  • Medical conditions that remain untreated
  • Etc.

If an elder or vulnerable adult is in crisis or danger, call 911.


Neglect occurs when a responsible party fails to care for the adult.

Financial Exploitation

Exploiters may describe themselves as “caregivers,” to exploit vulnerable adults for personal financial gains.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse includes victimization by criminal sexual conduct.

Financial Scams

Financial scams are a prevalent in our society today. They may be sent via phone calls, snail mail, online etc..

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a repeated malicious spoken, written, or gesture language considered threatening, harassing etc..

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse may cause or likely cause indications of pain or injury.


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