Making a Will in Minnesota

The statutory requirements for making a will in Minnesota are quite simple. To make a will, you need to be eighteen years of age or older, and you must be of sound mind. A properly executed will must be signed,witnessed and notarized. It is important to meet all of the legal requirements to assure that the will is not
subject to challenge. Wills that contain a self-proving clause that is notarized avoid any requirement that the witnesses would have to come into court to testify that the person actually signed the will.

Witnessing a Will in Minnesota.

Just as a person making a will must be of age and competent so to must a witness to that will. The witnesses to the signing of the will must be individuals who are competent individuals. Professional legal advice in the execution of a will can reduce the risk that the document will be challenged. While a person with an interest in the contents of the will can be, a witness some states prohibit a witness to a will from inheriting from that will. If a will were to be probated in such a state, there could be a devastatingly negative effect on the intended distribution.

In-state and Out-of-state Wills

There is no requirement that a will has to be executed in Minnesota. An out of state will can be probated under Minnesota law as long as it is validly executed. Questions on whether a will can be probated in Minnesota courts should be addressed to your estate attorney.

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Wills are an important part of life. Having a will means your wishes are carried out when you die. It also means less stress and hassle for your family. Please contact me for more information.

Estate Planning

Estate planning helps you manage and preserve your assets while you’re alive.


Putting assets in trust can enable the trust and its assets to pass directly to heirs without the publicity and cost of probate.

Estate Tax Issues

Minnesota imposes a tax on the estates of individuals who are residents of the estate when they die.

Living Wills

Living Will is a document that gives your loved ones and medical providers guidance to make medical and health care decisions for you.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is written permission for someone to take care of property or money matters for you.

Transfer on Death Deeds

Minnesota allows the use of Transfer on Death Deeds as a probate avoidance technique for real property titles.


DWI and DUI are serious offenses, Herrick Law can answer your questions.

Traffic Violations

If you’re facing a DWI charge in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you could lose your driver’s license before you ever get to court.


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